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10 February 2011 @ 11:22 pm
I am posting this here because I am incredibly angry right now. Everyone here knows how much time and effort I put into helping Rogue during the time I volunteered for them. Well I thought you should know that I have been completely barred from all their conventions now as well as banned on the Rogue forum. And Wayne didn't even have the guts to tell me himself, he got his lacky to do it for him. Coward!

Why? Because I had the cheek to complain. I had bought one of the Diamond upgrades for A6, that is £560 on top of the £90 for the ticket, a total of £650. When they said there were only going to be 4 guests I complained, because the cost of buying everything separately came to nearly £100 less than the cost of the upgrade. Then they announced Brock, ok I wasn't bothered about him, but at least it was better.

Then tonight they announced Jared as a bonus guest. Myself and someone else with a Diamond package checked our upgrade confirmations. They quite clearly say that a photoshoot with each attending guest is included, there is absolutely NO mention of bonus guests being excluded, yet when we questioned it, they insisted that Jared was not included. I said that I was going to fight for it, because they can't just change their minds when it suits them, the confirmation emails are basically a contract as to what they would provide for the money. But oh no, apparently I'm not allowed an opinion and not allowed to complain. Instead I just got banned.

To those who are going to A6, A7 or Insurgence, I hope you have a great time, but just know that the people who run these events are complete bastards who dont care about the attendees one single bit, all they are doing is trying to suck you dry of as much money as they can get away with.