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06 April 2009 @ 12:03 pm
The Asylum 3 Auction  
OK folks with Asylum rapidly heading towards us we are pleased to announce we will be holding an Auction over the weekend of some rare and unique objects.

1 of the Items is a Group Photo from Asylum 1: The Beginning signed by all the guests that attended over that weekend.
The guests were: Douglas Arthurs, Jason Manns, Jensen Ackles, Alan Ritchson, Mark Lutz, Justin Hartley, Allison Mack, Alona Tal, Nicki Aycox, Brooke Nevin and Jenny Mollen.

Another one of the Items is a rare object. Its a Script from Supernatural from Lazarus Rising, Episode 1 of series 4. What makes this Script unique is that its a Production Draft copy dated 24/06/08 and it's signed by Misha, Jared, Jensen and Eric Kripke. It's been sent over from the states from Misha and has a covering note to prove its Authenticity.
This is a 100% genuine item and is totally unique for Asylum 3.

Pictures as promised:

Letter of Authenticity:

Many thanks and keep smiling :) Just 53 Days!