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14 March 2009 @ 10:28 pm
Frequently Asked Questions  
Taken from the Rogue Events website and updated 28 March 2010. Please check the website for the most up to date verseion of the FAQs.

General Event FAQ

1.   How can I keep updated with your events?
While we try to update the websites as much as possible it is sometimes easier for us to update our social web pages first followed by a main website update a bit later therefore we suggest you join one or more of the following groups/social websites to keep as up to date as possible with our events:
Community Forum
Facebook Fan Page
Live Journal
Click the RSS Icon in your toolbar/address bar.
2.   How much does it cost to attend one of your Conventions?
All information regarding Insurgence Packages can be found here.
All information regarding Asylum 4 Packages can be found here.
All information regarding Asylum 5 Packages can be found here.
All information regarding Asylum Europe Packages can be found here.

3.   Is accommodation included?
The ticket price does not include accommodation. We provide more information on hotel rooms on the event websites, please use the left hand side links on the convention website you would are attending.

4.   Do I get some sort of ticket?
We do not send out tickets, instead we will send you a confirmation letter with your registration number on it, you need to bring this and some proof of ID such as a Driving License or household bill. If you have not received a confirmation letter from us and it is 4 weeks before the event then please email us for a replacement.

5.   I cancelled but still got a confirmation letter what should I do?
As we have accurate records of who has actually paid and who has not, if you did turn up you would not be allowed in unless you paid on the door. Therefore the registration number would have been cancelled and be invalid.

6.   What time is Registration?
This normally starts at around 4pm on Friday and 7am on Saturday, we will get through the registration process as soon as possible, what really helps is if you remember your Registration Letter and take notice of any instructions given to you on the day.
7.   What are the Event Times?
On both days the event starts at 9am with a brief introduction onstage, we advise you attend this each day so if there are any changes you will be informed of them before the event starts. The first batch of events begins at 9.15am. The show will run all day with an hour lunch break and we aim to finish approximately at 5.30pm. On Sunday a photo call and goodbyes with actors will take place.
8.   What Activities will be on?
Throughout the day there will be hourly sessions of the following activities;
Guest Talks and Q&A, Autograph Panels, The Coffee Lounge
Our Photo Studio Room, Merchandise Room and Evening Entertainment
9.   What is a Coffee Lounge?
Coffee Lounge tickets go on sale from the Ticket Office from 8.00am, not all guests will be doing coffee lounge sessions which is why we do not pre-sell the tickets. The Coffee Lounge is a prime opportunity for you to get up close to the guests, usually there are between 15 and 20 people in the room, unlike in a large hall with 1000 plus attendees! Ask the questions you want, get direct response from the actors! We have also removed the tables and chairs so it is less like a boardroom, instead we will have chairs in a circle with a table for coffee, tea, water and biscuits. The Coffee Lounge will last around 30 minutes. All money raised goes to charity. Sorry no children under 10 are allowed in the coffee lounge sessions. Please note recording of the coffee lounge sessions is not permitted.

10.  Is there a Photo Studio?
We all like souvenirs from a day out, either at the beach, on holiday or when visiting a theme park. As such at our events we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to have your photo taken by a professional photographer. The Photo Studio is a prime opportunity for you to get a high quality color print with or without a cardboard sleeve. You can buy Photo Studio Tickets from the Ticket Office.

11.   Do I get any FREE Autographs?
Inside your convention pack you will find an 'Autograph Sheet'. This sheet is the only way to obtain your FREE autographs. Upon entry to the signing zone please have your items ready for signing, if you want a dedication why not write this on a post it note to make it easier for the guest. The steward on hand will take your autograph sheet for the guest/s you want to see entitling you to obtain your free autographs. You can buy extra autographs rom the Ticket Office. Autographs are called in BADGE NUMBER from Number 1 upwards on both days, usually in batches of 50. Look for the large A1 Flip Charts and Onscreen Announcements. Only go up when your number has been called. Please do not pose for photographs as this slows down the queue, think of the other attendees waiting in line behind you! While we try and get everyone through we can not guarantee an autograph from each guest.

12.   What discount packages do you offer?
We are pleased to offer three types of packages for most of our conventions, the basic package Emerald and two discount package Ruby and Diamond, they offer a discount by bundling extras such as photographs, autographs, wine reception tickets etc etc, on rare occasions we may change the contents of your discount package due to unexpected circumstances; for example by reducing the number of autographs if a guest cancels but the package will still always remain cheaper than if you bought the basic package and items separately.

13.   Is my seat numbered?
We are trialling a reserved seating system due to popular demand, therefore if you have not purchased one of the reserved seats please refrain from sitting in these seats. You are able to to sit freely anywhere else in the main hall except for the reserved seating area, please do not save seats for people unless they are popping out for a photo session or autographs. We will empty the main hall during the weekend to cool the hall down and reset for the next sessions.

14.   How about refunds?
Strictly NO refunds are given for any of our events unless the event is cancelled. Excluding the cooling off period. (Opens in new window).

15.   Can I get a Refund if a guest or guests I want to see cancels?
All guests appear subject to work commitments. If you book for a certain guest please be aware that you will NOT get a refund if that particular guest withdraws.

16.   What about if you cancel the event?
In the event of cancellation of the event, Rogue Events will refund only the value of the package you paid us.

17.   What are the ages for Children?

Children must be aged 16 or under at time of event to qualify for a Child rate ticket. Children Under 7 can come in FREE with a paying adult, but does not include autographs from the actors attending the event. If autographs are required then they must buy a Child Ticket.

18.   I want to have the best time of my life have you any tips?
Above all please listen to and take notice of any instructions given to you on the day. There is a Tips for Conventions thread started on our Forum and in 2007 Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher in Star Trek TNG) posted this article on attending Conventions, be its as an attendee or as a guest. It's a very good read and we recommend it to everyone.

19.   Can I bring a camera or a video?
You can bring a camera but we request you take photos using flash photography during the first 5 minutes of each panel as not to disturb the guests during their stage talks. Please note that Video or Audio recording of the event is NOT permitted at any of our events in the Main Hall or where ever there are Guest Talks. If you are found to be recording the event you will be ejected from the event without a refund.

20.   What disabled facilities are there at your events?
We are pleased to announce that all the function rooms we are using within the hotels have access for wheelchairs. We arrange space at the front of the stage talks for those attendees who have wheelchairs or find it difficult to move around unassisted. There are no strobe effects during the stage talks however there are short intro videos and flash photography at the beginning of the stage talks which may affect some attendees who suffer from epilepsy & other visual light stimulation effects. Please contact the hotel regarding disabled facilities in the bedrooms. We don't offer discounts on our event tickets however if someone needs assistance to attend the event then please email us to discuss further options.

21.   I have ordered a package online but want to pay via credit card.
Sorry we can only take payment through Bank Transfer or by UK cheque.

22.   I want to pay in installments is this possible?
Please note: installments are no longer available for any future package purchases, this point is simply here for those already paying in installments for Asylum 4 packages. You can divide Event Packages in to four monthly payments, please divide the total amount by four and send a print out of your order to: W.C.M Events Limited PO Box 915 Dagenham RM9 9GN along with your 1st payment, then simply send 3 further payments each month for three months just send a cover note with the remaining payments.

23.   How can I pay?
Payment is by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Postal Order or Cash.
Cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to 'WCM Events Limited' and in £ Sterling (GBP) only then sent along with a print out of your order to:
W.C.M Events Limited PO Box 915 Dagenham RM9 9GN.
Cash should be sent to the above address by Special Delivery Only.
UK Online Banking send as a 'Bill Payment' and follow any instructions your bank gives you, when asked enter the following details:
Pay to WCM Events Limited
Sort code 40-39-04
Account number 51690876
Reference: This is your RC Order Number for example RC00001.
European Union Online Banking or your country uses the Euro as it's currency, Follow instructions your bank gives you when asked enter the following details:
Account Name WCM Events Limited
IBAN GB28MIDL40390451690876
Reference: This is your RC Order Number for example RC00001.

IMPORTANT: Depending on your bank and the country you live in your bank may charge you for this service.
Customers wishing to buy who do not live in the UK or Europe please email us for payment options.
Some banks may require the address of the bank this is below:

24.   My bank wants more bank details for a bank transfer, can you help?
The only other information we are able to give out is the name and address:
HSBC Bank plc, 9 Market Place, Romford, Essex, England RM1 3AF

If you have read the above and you still can not find an answer then you can email us we aim to reply within 48 hours.